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ATAGI has updated its recommendations for a winter dose of COVID-19 vaccine to help reduce severe disease from the emerging surge of Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariant infections, and to reduce the burden on Australian hospitals and the healthcare system in coming months.

The updated recommendations are:

  • Adults aged 50 to 64 years are now recommended to receive a winter booster dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Adults aged 30 to 49 years can receive a winter booster dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, however the benefit for people in this age group is less certain.
  • The interval recommended between a recent SARS-CoV-2 infection or the first booster dose and a winter booster dose is now 3 months.

ATAGI emphasises that people previously eligible for a winter booster dose remain at higher risk of severe disease and death from COVID-19 and should receive a winter booster dose as soon as possible. They include:

  • all adults aged 65 years or older
  • residents of aged care or disability care facilities
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 years or older
  • people who are severely immunocompromised (this will be their fifth dose)
  • people aged 16 years or older with a medical condition that increases the risk of severe COVID-19 illness
  • people aged 16 years or older with disability, significant or complex health needs, or multiple comorbidities which increase the risk of a poor outcome.

ATAGI emphasises that individuals who have previously been infected with SARS-CoV-2, irrespective of which variant it may have been, should continue to receive recommended vaccine doses, after an interval of 3 months, as prior infection alone will not provide sufficient protection against severe disease.

Appointments are available online 

NSW Health has announced a free influenza vaccine will be available to all NSW residents from 1 June 2022 to 17 July 2022 to help combat this year's expected severe influenza season. 

If you have not yet received your influenza vaccine this year we recommend you book an appointment as soon as possible. 

Please note that if you are unable to book at your preferred time, NSW Health have also permitted pharmacies to adminsiter flu vaccines to those aged 5 years and above.




ATAGI has expanded the recommendations on winter COVID-19 booster doses for people at increased risk of severe COVID-19. See statement 

Fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine Pfizer are available now for :

  • Adults aged 65 years and over 
  • Residents 16 years and older of aged care or disability care facilities
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults aged 50 years and older

Additional groups recommended (from 25 May 2022)

People aged 16-64 years who have complex, chronic or severe conditions that are considered to increase their risk of severe illness from COVID-19 such as: 

  • Cancer
  • Chronic inflammatory conditions requiring medical treatment with disease modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs) or immunesuppressive or immunomodulatory therapies.
  • Chronic lung disease
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Severe chronic kidney disease (stage 4 or 5)
  • Chronic neurological disease
  • Diabetes mellitus requiring medication
  • Chronic cardiac disease
  • Severe obesity with BMI ≥ 40 kg/m2
  • Severe underweight with BMI < 16.5 kg/m2


The following groups are currently not yet recommended to receive an additional winter booster dose:
• Healthy people aged 16 to 64 years of age who do not have any risk factors for severe COVID-19
• Women who are pregnant without any other comorbidity that increases their risk of severe COVID-19
• People from occupational groups, such as healthcare workers, who do not have any other comorbidity that increases their risk of severe COVID-19.

If you do meet the criteria for a winter dose of COVID-19 vaccine: 

  • These appointments can be booked online via our website under the 'Booster dose' appointment type. 
  • The interval is 4 months after your 3rd dose. Please ensure you only book if you are eligible. 

COVID-19 Vaccine- Winter doses available! 

Fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine Pfizer are available now for those aged 65 and over and those who are severely immunocompromised. See criteria here 

  • These appointments can be booked online via our website under the 'Booster dose' appointment type. 
  • The interval is 4 months after your 3rd dose. Please ensure you only book if you are eligible. 

Booster doses remain available

Booster dose clinics remain available. Click the link to book now 

Who is currently eligible? 

  • Patients who are 16 years and older and who received their second dose of any COVID-19 vaccine at least 3 months ago. 
  • Severely immunocompromised patients who have received their second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine at least 2 months ago.
  • Theses appointments can be booked online via our website under the 'Booster dose' appointment type. 

Influenza Vaccines- Available now 

Influenza vaccines are available now. There are 3 appointment types in which you can book: 

  • 6 months- under 5 years old
  • 5 years- 64 years
  • 65 years and over 

Please ensure you book under the correct appointment type. If you are having difficulty booking online please call our reception team on 90874600 to assist. 

For those aged 5 years- 64 years there may be a fee of $20 per vaccine. Please see the eligibility for a government funded vaccine here 

If you meet the criteria for a government funded vaccine you will not be charged. 

If you have any questions about whether the vaccine is appropriate for you please book a consultation with your regular GP to discuss prior to the appointment. 

Dr Paul Pearson graduated in Medicine from the University of NSW in 1998. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians (since 2008) and trained predominately at Royal Prince Alfred and Concord Hospital.
Dr Pearson is a Geriatrician at three public teaching hospitals and works at a private hospital in the Illawarra. He also holds a position in the NSW GMET and has an active role for NSW Ministry of Health looking in to serious adverse events in the hospital system.
Dr Pearson's interest in Aged Care was realised at an early stage in his medical career. He focuses on the care of the whole person and aims to maximise each individuals function/ quality of life.
Issues that Dr Pearson commonly and expertly manage include comprehensive geriatric assessment, dementia assessment/management (and the challenges that dementia can pose), falls, medication management and planning ahead.
Outside of work, Dr Pearson is a husband bringing up 2 young children with his wife. His interests (outside that of his children) are tennis, traveling (in his past life) and reading.

Dr Pearson is delighted to be able to provide expert Aged Care in the Inner West. He is also available to see patients in their own home and on nursing home visits.

Gabby is a Provisional Psychologist who works with adults, teenagers, children, and families in overcoming challenges they may be facing. She is committed to working with individuals and families across the lifespan, with a focus on children and adolescents who present with developmental, behavioural, and emotional concerns.
She is an empathetic, warm, and passionate professional; with experience in working with various presentations, such as: depression, stress, anxiety, relationship difficulties, grief and loss, and emotion dysregulation.
Gabby sees clients on a short and long-term basis, utilising evidence-based modalities tailored to individual client needs and goals. She promotes the education of patients and their family members, on mental and behaviour disorders, making use of psychoeducation as a supporting aspect of the client’s treatment.
Gabby completed her studies in Brazil, including her Bachelor of Psychology and Postgraduate studies in Clinical Psychology (Behavioural and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy). She is highly committed to diversity and offers therapy in both English and Portuguese.


 To book an appoinment with Gabby please call Mactherapy on 9252 1000

An International Studies student and languages nerd, Hugo is just leaving university to properly enter the workforce this year. In his spare time he can be found drinking yerba maté, playing D&D, lifting weights or listening to reggaeton.

Tatiana is an experienced Accredited Practising Dietitian who highly values eating nutritious foods and living a healthy balanced lifestyle. Tatiana recognises that everyone is different and unique. Thus, her approach is to tailor her consultation to suit each individual’s needs, empowering clients to understand the importance of nutrition and overcome their challenges by implementing practical skills to manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.
Tatiana has had several years of experience in the area of weight loss working with children and adults to establish eating habits to reach a healthy body weight. She is well aware of the abundance of contradictory health messages and super restrictive diets that allows food to control the way we are. Therefore, Tatiana’s approach to weight loss is all about balance and reconnecting food with your body, mind and soul. With practical tips, meal ideas and smart swaps, Tatiana will get you on the right path for your sustainable weight loss journey.
Other areas of Tatiana’s expertise include eating disorder recovery, chronic disease management including diabetes and cardiovascular disease and gut health in particular IBS. Tatiana has become an expert in translating science-based principles into practical advice that can be used to guide one’s health and diet.
As a creative person, Tatiana spends most of her free time in the kitchen cooking delicious meals and developing educational resources that she utilises during her consultations.

As of 3 February 2022 ATAGI have recommended a booster vaccination for all adolescents aged 16 -17 years. 

Bookings are available online

  • Pfizer is the only brand currently registered for use as a booster dose in this age group. 
  • Must be 3 months after receiving 2nd dose of a COVID-19 vaccine 
  • Adolescents who have recently had COVID-19 infection are still recommended to receive a booster dose. The booster dose can be administered immediately after recovery from acute illness or can be deferred for up to 4 months. 
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