Rapid Antigen Test (RAT)

Monday, 10 January 2022 11:26

Positive RAT? 

Most people can be safely managed at home with rest, fluids and paracetamol. Please ensure you are registering your positive result with Service NSW website or App. 

People at a higher risk should consider booking a Telehealth (Video) appointment with their GP to ensure the best care. 

This includes those who: 

  • are unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated
  • are aged >65 years
  • are pregnant
  • have comorbidities including

- lung disease, such as COPD, asthma or bronchiectasis

- cardiovascular diseases, such as hypertension

- obesity (body mass index > 30kgs/m2)

- immunocompromising conditions

- have chronic kidney disease

- have diabetes (type 1 or 2)

- have liver disease

- have significant neurological disorders, such as stroke or dementia

- suffer from some chronic inflammatory conditions

  • have significant frailty or disability
  • have severe mental health conditions. 

If you are at all concerned please book a Telehealth (Video) consultation with your GP now