Rozelle Total Health is a thriving, passionate, collaborative and independent medical practice run totally BY doctors, FOR doctors, and in service of our vibrant, village community.

Annie and George Marshall are clinically active GPs and locals to the area. We are committed to providing an inviting practice environment, inclusive culture and industry leading infrastructure to our affiliated GPs, so they can practise their best medicine.

We are engaged and invested in the wellbeing of the whole team, because together we are much greater than the sum of our parts.

At Rozelle Total Health we:

  • are for doctors who value themselves and deliver exceptional care and value to their patients.
  • run an innovative and tech driven practice; constantly working to maximise efficiencies and reduce red tape and admin for our GPs
  • are privately billing practice with a highly educated and health literate patient base
  • attract engaged team players who want to be part of the rich social fabric of our community.
  • are for GPs that care about the ‘Total Health’ of their patients, and are passionate about proactive and preventative care. We partner with our patients on their ‘total health journey’.
    ‘Churn and burn’ episode-based care does not align to our purpose or values.

If this sounds like it could be a good fit for you, we would TOTALLY love to hear from you. Click the link.

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