Appointment Types

Standard Consultation : 6-15 minutes

A standard consultation is 15 minutes and is usually long enough to address a single query or 1-2 simple concerns. If you have more than one issue to discuss please book a long consultation.

Long Consultation: 20 – 39 minutes 

A long consultation is between 20 – 39 minutes and is suitable for patients who need to discuss multiple concerns or a single complex issue. If you are unsure if you require this length of appointment please call our reception team who will guide you.  

Prolonged Consultation: more than 40 minutes 

A prolonged consultation is greater than 40 minutes. This is a complex or multi issue appointment. Please call our reception team on 02 9087 4600 to book. 

New Patient Consultation: 15 minutes with practice nurse (complementary) followed by 30 minutes with GP 

Currently all of our general practitioners are accepting new patients. If you are attending the practice for the first time we advise to attend 5 minutes early in order to complete your clinical history form. You will receive an SMS from HotDoc requesting you to complete your demographic information. It is helpful that this is submitted prior to your consultation. If you do not wish to complete this form online you will be given a paper form by the reception team along with a clinical history form.

Childhood checks and Vaccinations: 15 minutes with practice nurse (complementary) followed by 30 minutes with GP 

Where possible childhood checks and vaccinations are booked in tandem with the practice nurse. 15 minutes is allocated to the nurse to perform the percentile check (height, weight etc) which is a complementary consultation. 30 minutes is then allocated to the doctor to complete check and vaccinations; a total length of time of 45 minutes. Please factor in a waiting time 15 minutes post vaccination to ensure no adverse events occur. Please note this does not apply to consultations for Bexsero injections. These are booked for 15 minutes with both the practice nurse and treating practitioner at the same time. 

Skin Checks: 20 – 30 minutes 

Skin checks are performed by select practitioners who specialise in this procedure. You can view who performs this by visiting the ‘RTH Team’ tab or by calling our reception team. We request patients attend without makeup, fake tan or moisturizer applied to the skin. The procedure is conducted with the skin exposed down to underwear. Your doctor is happy to modifty this if you have any concerns. 

Mental Health Consultations: 30 minutes

A mental health consultation appointment length can vary from 20 minutes to 40 minutes. All practitioners are trained in performing mental health consultations. Most practitioners prefer to do this appointment in person and it is recommended that you book with your regular treating doctor. 

Procedures: appointment length is variable

Certain practitioners at RTH perform the following procedures:- 

  • Ear syringing/suctioning
  • Iron infusions
  • IUD insertions/removal
  • Implanon insertion/removal
  • Skin biopsies/excisions

The appointment length varries for each procedure. Please phone reception on 02 9087 4600 to obtain this information. 

GP Management Plans (CDM) 

RTH can assist you in managing your chronic health condition by offering a comprehensive management plan also known as a Care Plan or CDM. A chronic disease is a condition that has lasted or is expected to last at least 6 months. These appointments are booked in tandem with the practice nurse for an intial 30 minutes followed by 15-30 minutes with your regular practitioner. If you are unsure as to whether you meet the criteria for a CDM plan please call our reception team on 02 9087 4600. 

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