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October 7, 2023

Waiting time:

While all efforts are taken to stay on time, sometimes Doctor’s run late for reasons beyond our control. You have told us you understand this but you would like to be notified when delays are to be expected.

We TOTALLY get this!

What we will do:

Reception staff will endeavour to phone patients when it becomes apparent that a doctor is running late.

Our GPs will try and notify reception if an appointment is looking like it will go significantly overtime. This will allow reception to communicate with patients in the waiting room to better manage expectations.

What you can do to help:

Please consider your needs when booking an appointment. If you have multiple or complex issues, would like a care plan, or think you may like more time, please book a long appointment. We only ever charge for the length of your actual consultation, so don’t hesitate to allow more time just in case. This will ensure your appointment doesn’t run over for the next person and we can better manage the schedule. 

More availability:

Wow, we really do hear you on this one!

The practitioners at RTH have been working extremely hard to meet the increasing needs of our community in the past few years.  As well as causing a surge in sick patients – Covid brought many workforce challenges to the health industry.  We have been heavily booked for months now as we have a growing number of patients who are inviting us on their health journey. We feel this is an honour and are committed to doing our best for all our patients.  We are currently on the hunt for a new GP to join our team.  This process takes time as we only work with GPs that are of the highest standard and are aligned with our values.  We will keep you posted when we find our next amazing GP.

To ensure that we can still see you in your time of need we always keep a few slots up our sleeve for those “on the day” appointments that can not be planned for.  If you have an unexpected and urgent need to be seen – please call the reception team and we will do our best to accommodate you on the day.

Pathology results

Some patients have suggested that a copy of their pathology results be sent to them directly.  Did you know you can access pathology on your My Health record?  Alternatively – please discuss with your doctor at the time the test is ordered.


Improvements to the outside waiting area

We did not anticipate the the outside waiting area would be a long term concept but safe to say it is here to stay!  We invested in a heavy duty marquee to protect you from the elements, and recently replaced the deck and painted the building to improve your safety and enjoyment.  We are looking for some improved seating options that can withstand the weather.  We also installed some furniture and plants out the back for your conveninece.

Areas of expertise

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